The Reservoire, Koramangala

Which are the best cocktails in Bangalore?

January 30, 2023 (Updated: January 3, 2024)

I recently asked folks on Twitter and Instagram where they’ve had the best cocktails in the city and if they could suggest any specific ones from the menu.

Here’s a compilation of the recommendations, in alphabetical order, for your reference. I hope to wiggle my way through them in 2023 and update this post with my thoughts on the places.

The most popular suggestions have been Copitas, Toast & Tonic, and The Traveller’s Bungalow.

Hoping I can find something that I remember as fondly as the Pisco Sour at The Table in Colaba, Bombay.

Something missing? Think you found an excellent cocktail that I should try? Happy to get more suggestions! Please ping me on Twitter or Instagram?

My Picks So Far:

  1. Bombay Borough, Richmond Road: Horn Ok Please
  2. Boteco and Record Room, Magrath Road: Popcorn G&T, ask Francis at Record Room for the one with Asahi, Gin, Clarified Greek Yoghurt, Matcha as it’s not on the menu yet
  3. LUPA, MG Road: The Notorious F.I.G
  4. Muro, Museum Road: Mezcal Negroni
  5. Seven Rivers Brewing Co @ Taj, MG Road: Negroni
  6. Spirit Forward, Lavelle Road: Negroni, Pisco Sour, Rage Against The Coffee Machine, Southern Star
  7. The Traveller’s Bungalow, Indiranagar: The Colonel, Last Word

Public Recommendations:

  1. 10 Speakeasy, Richmond Road: Gimlet, Monk Mule, Yuzu Derby
  2. 1131 Bar + Kitchen, Indiranagar: Daaru Rasam
  3. Alchemy @ The Chancery Pavilion, Residency Road: The Ghazal
  4. Bier Library, Koramangala: Indian Spiced Whisky Sour, Monkey Colada, Pinkfruit Whisky Sour, Wild Blossom
  5. Bombay Borough, Richmond Road and Bombay Brasserie, Indiranagar: Chowpatty Beach Lolly, Fauji Party Special, Horn Ok Please, Madras Pop
  6. Boteco and Record Room, Magrath Road: Batida De Coco, Caipirinha, Fig-Ure Me Out, Pickleback G&T, Popcorn G&T, Twisted Negroni
  7. Brassa, St Marks Road: Amanté, Matcha Colada
  8. Brooks and Bonds Brewery, Koramangala: Whisky Sour
  9. Cantan and The Fatty Bao, Lavelle Road: Empress Cixi, The Fatty Sour
  10. Copitas @ Four Seasons, RT Nagar: Crazy Rich Negroni, Ibiza, and ask for Sarath to make recommendations
  11. Daddy’s, Indiranagar: Old Fashioned, Rooftop Vibes, Sweet Obsession
  12. Daysie, MG Road: California Sunshine
  13. Ebony, MG Road: Negroni
  14. Edo @ ITC Gardenia, Residency Road: Old Fashioned
  15. Fenny’s Lounge and Kitchen, Koramangala: Mid Night Passion
  16. Gawky Goose, Old Airport Road
  17. Geist Brewing Co, Old Madras Road, Rajajinagar and Hennur: Michelada
  18. Hammered, Cunningham Road: Old Fashioned
  19. Hopshaus, Indiranagar: Eastside, Whiskey-brisky
  20. Jamming Goat 3.0, JP Nagar: Future Water, Goat in Goa, Not a G&T, Paper Plane, Whiskey Smash
  21. Kazé, Lavelle Road: Killed in Mexico
  22. Khmer Kitchen, JP Nagar: Apsarita, Wat de Ampil
  23. Le Cirque Signature and Jamavar @ The Leela Palace, Old Airport Road: Bloody Mary
  24. Miso Sexy, Indiranagar: Whiskey Sour
  25. Nevermind, Indiranagar: G&J
  26. Olive Beach, Richmond Road: Grapefruit Marmalade Paloma, Negroni, and ask for Dhanu/Shanku to make recommendations
  27. One for the Road, Whitefield: LIIT
  28. Polo Club at Oberoi, MG Road: Haan, The Kansai, and ask for Rahul to make recommendations
  29. Pump House, JP Nagar: Ho Sete
  30. Raahi Neo Kitchen, St Marks Road: Traveller’s Club
  31. The Reservoire, Koramangala: Gin Salad, Whiskey Sour
  32. Seven Rivers Brewing Co @ Taj, MG Road: Apple Pie, Lullaby, Mexican Cream, Negroni, and ask for Arati (aka Negroni Moron) to make recommendations
  33. Skyye, Lavelle Road: Naughty Girls
  34. Sly Granny, Indiranagar: Old Fashioned
  35. Sriracha, UB City: Lemongrass Mojito
  36. Suzy Q by 1522, Cunningham Road: Crimson Blaze
  37. Toast & Tonic, Richmond Road: British Raj, Diablo, Gin-tlemen’s Tonic, Herbalist, Northeastern Star, T&T Negroni, Vanillin
  38. Toit, Indiranagar: Gola-Coaster, Indian Doctor’s Prescription
  39. The Traveller’s Bungalow, Indiranagar: Captain Jack Sparrow, The Colonel, Mangrove Sour, Old Fashioned
  40. Trippy Goat Cafe, Cunningham Road: Sangria
  41. Vapour, Indiranagar: LIIT, Whiskey Sour
  42. Windmills Craftworks, Whitefield: Brandy Blazer, Brine Damage, Shameless Colada, Smoking Barrel
  43. Yuki, Koramangala: Berry Bomb, Sparkling Cucumber